Scottish piper playing wedding music in Loch Lomond and Glasgow
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Horse Takes off with Groom…Glasgow Wedding Piper in pursuit!

Horse Takes off with Groom…Glasgow Wedding Piper in pursuit. “Never work with children or animals”. WC Fields. In my younger days I lived in Hyndland near a local shop, where I was somewhat of a regular and had got to know the owner and his sons fairly well.

Wedding Piper Glasgow

Upcoming Weddings w/c 16th August

Upcoming weddings w/c 16th August Premier Pipers is pleased to announce that this week the following couple are getting married. Mandy Hutton and John Scholes at Dalmeny Park Hotel Sharon Johnston and fiancée at the Cruin, Loch Lomond James MacDonald and Marjory at the Loch Lomond Chris and Marianne Synnot at the Cruin, Loch Lomond […]

Piping Live in Glasgow

Unfortunately the weather is not supposed to be kind to this year’s piping competition. Here’s hoping the weather gods have it wrong or realised what is happening and change the weather accordingly. Pipers Glasgow

Piping Live in Glasgow

Piping live is on at the moment and there are lots of great bands and pipers, both traditional and modern to be seen around Glasgow. So get out while the weather is good and check out Piping Live’s website. The Wedding Piper